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Who We Are?

Mageneet manufactures premium temporary, multiple-use protection products for floor and interior finishes during new home and office construction and refurbishment projects.

Mageneet’s patented products provide a two-layered protective cover that reduces the risk of damage to finished floor, doors and stairs on site, hence reducing cost and delay caused by replacement or repair of elements.
Mageneet designs its products in the company’s Nazareth labs. Mageneet tested its products for many years in public and private building project [built by the sister construction company] before introducing them to the market.

Mageneet products are manufactured since 2013 in the company’s Lower-Galilee plant, using originally designed line of production, compliant to CE, ISO and other international standards.

Mageneet is designed for builders – by builders!

The original design successfully fulfils many, sometimes conflicting, builder requirements:

  • Highest level of protection against impact, scratches and spills
  • Maintaining safe and solid working surface
  • Fast and easy application and removal – no training required
  • Easily adjustable to any room shape
  • Reusable in same building, according to project progress.
  • Easily stored and transported to new projects

Mageneet products are used for many years to protect:

  • Home and office construction
  • Public institutions, universities, hospitals, hotels, government agencies, embassies
  • Interior fit-out and redesign, refurbishment and renovation
  • Ship building
  • DIY builders and renovators

Why Choose Us?

Whatever your requirement for temporary protection Mageneet will have a product to suit within an extensive range of products. Mageneet strive to provide a world class customer service along with top quality products at keen prices.

Our Team

Nizar Farah
President, Partner

Nizar Farah was born in Nazareth and studied civil engineering at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa. In 1995 he started a construction that builds homes, public and industrial buildings and hospitality facilities all over the north of Israel.
In many construction projects, Nizar encountered the need to protect finished systems and elements that have to take considerable damages during the final stages of the building process. Unhappy with the available market solutions, and with a lot of experience and creativity, Nizar and Husam started in 2012 Mageneet Protection Solutions, and came up with a sophisticated temporary protection solution to use in their own building company and later – the entire industry.

Husam Farah
General Manager, Partner

Husam Farah was born in Nazareth and graduated in economy and business management at the Haifa University. Husam joined the family business and in 2011 established a new import and distribution business for construction materials.
In 2012 Husam joined Nizar Farah and together they started Mageneet Protection Solutions.

Sari Farah
International Sales Director

Sari recently joined the family operations and takes care of international sales and customer support. Parallel to his role at the company Sari is completing his higher degree in civil engineering

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